Anti-stress toys printed on a 3D printer


Anti-stress toys have become very popular this year, in terms of the number of search queries in Google exceed some popular sites and portals.The toy, which will be discussed in this article, can be called a Jammer, it is an analog of the well-forgotten old Japanese game kururin or kurizen. This is a traditional Japanese tabletop toy, which children and adults can enjoy while developing coordination, reaction speed, motor skills and attention.

The Jammer is easy enough to push as it starts turning over to walk on the surface, bewitch and rivet the eye. A walking stick makes you wonder, but how does it work out.

The device itself is quite simple. Thanks to the special profile, and the spaced center of mass we see how the Jammer surprisingly flips, while the owners of 3D printers, to make it independently will not be difficult.

For manufacturing we will need:
- The blank itself is in the form of a cylinder with a variable profile, decreasing in diameter along the edges.
- threaded stud M8
- two M8 nuts
- two small circles of anti-slip and soft material.

The dimensions of the Jammer are taken from this drawing. This toy is usually made of wood.


Making minor changes to the 3D model, we send it to 3D printing.

We use the most common material for 3D printing - ABS. After printing on a 3D printer with a layer of 0.2 and filling 20%, you get a blank.


Well polished.

And at this time we print two round heels of soft material Flex for placing on the ends of the workpiece. They are designed to prevent slippage and provide softness. The diameter of these circles is 18 mm.


Cut from the threaded stud M8 two pieces of 15 mm. Do at the ends of the slot for a screwdriver for screwing into the body of the toy.


We insert the nuts M8 into the workpiece and screw the cut off threaded studs. And we glue the ends with soft circles.


And that's what we got.