Epo3d + evolution


Currently, the company produces and successfully sells an improved model of 3D printer epo3d. This model is an evolutionary continuation of a printer that has proved itself well in the Ukrainian and foreign markets. Our first model was created after careful study of existing printers of the best manufacturers. Striving for the best remained in our priorities even after the start of production. We tried to take into account the shortcomings inherent in 3D printers, sold on the market. And now we are releasing a modernized epo3d + model to the market. All major nodes underwent modernization. About what we managed to improve and for what purpose, we will tell in detail in this article.

Design and ergonomics of the case

The case of the 3D printer is made of composite materials: lightness, wear resistance of the coating, elegance, simplicity and functionality. The metal frame provides rigidity of the case. The closed housing provides a stable temperature in the working area, and the side windows of toned acrylic for maintenance of the printer are made easily removable - they are fixed to the housing by means of magnets. Compact overall dimensions - the result of a competent design - did not lead to a reduction in the print area - with the external dimensions of the printer 350x365x440mm, the print area is impressive: 200x200x200mm.

Kinematics H-bot


The basis of the 3D printer, which determines the main characteristics - speed and quality, is its kinematics. We apply the kinematics of H-bot. This drive circuit is selected one of the reliable and accurate of the used in 3D printers. One of the main additional advantages of this drive is a single drive belt, which simplifies maintenance and tension adjustment. Drive motors are mounted on the frame of the device, this design increases the accuracy of positioning and allows increasing the speed of printing due to the reduction of inertial forces.  


An important part of the printer is the guides. Our printer uses linear rails, which, unlike the classic ones, allowed to reduce the dimensions and weight of this unit, while maintaining high positioning accuracy. This design is advantageous for its high load capacity and increased rigidity.

Noise reduction

For a printer that, thanks to the price, has become affordable at the household level, we consider the noise level to be an important indicator. In the improved epo3d + model, this figure is not more than 50 dB. This was achieved thanks to the use of quieter drivers, and the head blower is in the standby mode and turns on only when the print head is heated.

Extruder "DirectDrive"

The most important part of the 3D printer is the extruder. It is here that the thread turns into a material that creates three-dimensional objects. Even at the stage of creation of our first model, we studied the world experience and chose the extruder with the classic DirectDrive feeding system, which guarantees uninterrupted filing of the thread without "eating".  Increased blowing efficiency of the extruder and feed motor, ensure the operation of these units without overheating. For users, a significant positive feature of this filing system is the ability to print all kinds of plastic for 3D printing on the market: PLA, WOOD, ECO FLEX, CRYSTAL FLEX, NYLON, PET, POLY, PVA, PC, ABS, etc.


Feed control


The thread feed control function appeared in the epo3d + model due to the thread sensor setting. Now you can not follow the process continuously. If the thread runs out or breaks, the printer automatically stops the printing process and signals the absence of the thread. The advantage of a printer with this function is the continuation of the suspended process after eliminating the cause of loss of feed without loss. In our plans, another improvement in the design of the extruder is the replacement of the sensor of the filament by the detector, which determines the clogging of the nozzle and the overlapping of the thread on the coil.

Advanced table


The new printer has a semi-automatic calibration, which led to tangible changes for the better - guaranteed quality of printing from the first layer. In the printer epo3d + is installed, in contrast to the previous model, an aluminum table. The decision to replace the table material led to an improvement in the uniformity of heating over the entire surface of the working surface and at times shortened the warm-up time. Now the waiting for the beginning of work ceased to be tiresome.  There is no need to wait and end the work - one of the options - auto shutdown the printer after printing. Sending a print job, you can safely go to sleep, and the printer turns off after work, without wasting energy and its resource.

Changed interface

We constantly study your feedback, take into account comments and wishes. One of the positive changes made to epo3d + to simplify the interface is a display with a choice of language - Russian or Ukrainian.

Additions to the package

The printer's kit is a set of tools and accessories necessary for work, enabling you to immediately start working on the creation of three-dimensional products. When you buy the epo3d + printer, you get the necessary cutting tools for the convenience of the primary processing of the cutter to remove the supports of the model and the knife, and tools are added to the set for servicing the device. In addition, the kit now includes a thermocouple to improve the adhesion of the model to the table.

Test consumables

For those who buy a 3D printer for the first time, a set of locally produced plastic will be very useful. You will be able to learn the basics of 3D printing without wasting time searching for and experimenting with materials and trying out each of the plastics, using what you like in the future.

Printer price Epo3D- best offer

Our company is continuously working on improving the design of the printer, but now we can say with certainty that Epo3D + outperforms the models from China and is not inferior to 3D printers of the world's leading brands. Choosing your printer, you, of course, will be guided by many criteria, one of the determining choices is the price. Here the place of our printer on the market is the golden mean, as they say - the optimal combination of price and quality. The choice is yours - and we hope that you will do it right.

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Printing area: 200 x 200 x 200 mm
Printing speed: 35 cm³ / h
Minimum layer thickness: 0.05 mm
Positioning accuracy: X - 12.5 micron
Y = 12.5 microns Z = 5 microns
Diameter of the plastic thread: 1.75 mm
Number of nozzles: 1
Diameter of the nozzle: 0,4 (0,3 in the set)
Supported Materials
PLA, ABS, CPE, CPE +, PC, Nylon, TPU, etc.
Nozzle temperature up to 275 ° C
Desktop temperature up to 130 ° C
Average operating noise level up to 50 dB
Transfer file USB, SD card


Power supply from the network: 220 V (110 V) - 50 Hz
Maximum power: 350W

Operating ambient temperature 15-32 ° C


Aluminum [composite]
Printing platform
Aluminum, glass
XY: rail (steel), Z: cylindrical (steel)


Dimensions 350x365x440 mm
Net weight 11 kg.
Shipping weight 15 kg


Printing Preparation
Cura, Repetier-Host, KISSlicer and others
Supported OS
Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
Supported STL, OBJ file types